Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

There is a quirky new comedy from Netflix called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. At first, I wasn’t sure whether to cringe or laugh at the off the wall comedy. The premise is unique, a Mole woman who was in a cult and kept underground for years relocates to New York City and adventure ensues. 

I connect with Kimmy, the main character, on several levels. No, I was not held against my will in an underground bomb shelter however I did grow up in a small hamlet of 700 people with no stop light. However, when my high school field hockey team would play against a city high school team they would take shots at our “country style” or farmer’s tans. I felt as if the “city kids” knew everything about clothes, fashion and music and I was playing catch up. 
Kimmy 2

Kimmy sees the bright side of everything when no ones else does and she has the uncanny ability to laugh at herself while trying to find a solution to the issue at hand. I find myself in most situations doing to the same thing. Professionally and personally I try to see the good in the situation or find a creative solution. Kimmy is put in unbelievably funny social situations that made me literally laugh at loud. Tina Fey and Robert Cardlock’s creative minds have created a binge-worthy series, bravo! I cannot wait to watch the next season

This is the first Netflix series that I binge watched twice.  I cannot wait for April 15, 2016 when Season 2 begins streaming. 

I am a proud Netflix #streamteam member and have received perks for my participation, the opinions expressed are my own.

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