What Little Boys Are Made Of

I am proud to announce that I am once again a KinderMom this year. My family and I will partake in another Guthrie Family adventure with KinderCanada this year and we could not be happier. 
When our first set of eggs arrived the happiest of the bunch was Beckett, he could not wait to rip open the box of Marvel Super Hero Kinder Eggs. He instantly fell in love with the Spiderman figure and had to put in on his school back back for all his friends to see. 
We have never been super hero people, with two older girls in the family it just was never a priority. Now each time we unwrap a new Kinder Egg, we have to research who the super hero is, what their special power is and how do they use their super power. 
Since opening our first super hero Kinder Egg, we have now begun reading stories about Peter Parker and his journey to become Spiderman. I of course only read the appropriate parts to Beckett,  as he is only four, so far he understands most of the Spiderman story. He told me, he loves me as much as Peter Parker loves his Auntie Mae. Such a sweet little Spiderman I have 🙂 

Thank you for joining me for another Kinder Canada adventure this year! If you could be one super hero who would it be and why? 

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