Why Did I Go to the Food Blogger Conference?

Great question. I actually asked my self the same thing several times. This was a first, the first ever Food Blogger Conference in Cananda. There were only 75 conference passes available to be purchased and I was not going to miss this once in a life time experience to see the inner workings of Canada’s food bloggers network.

For those haters out there, who are know are hating on me right now…. Yes you are right, I don’t often write about recipe development or testing other recipes ….

Flashback to my Blogher10 experience..standing on an escalator and having someone ask me “Why are you here?…You’re not a Blogger?

Besides being plain rude and nothing I would ever say to another person, as my parents raised me better then that, my answer is simple. 

Bite Me

No really, let me turn around and you can get a great big bite of my latest & greatest cupcake. I will not dwell on the insecurities of others, I am proud to be who I am and I will not apologize for my successes or my happiness. I am a positive person with an inclusive attitude and your unhappiness will not divert me from my chosen path. Besides, we all make changes in our path and my path has taken a right turn towards food, travel & adventures and all the craziness that comes with experiencing the preceding with my children. 

Now back to the conference, the organizers of #FBC2013 made all the parties, all the events open to all attendees. There was no secret hash tags, handshakes or level of snobbery that I have found at other conferences. A sense of belonging quickly formed amgonst the participants and the sponsors. There was wine, food, excellent content and did I mention wine. Is there any thing more that one could ask from a confernce? I did ask the question, when is the next one?

The people I met, the conversations I had and the inspiration I recieved from the confernce have brought me to this point. I am ready to leap, ready to stop using another person’s voice and use my own. Sitting with Sponsors, Brands & PR professionals gave me a better understanding of the importance and power of my individual voice. 

I garnered all of this from a Food Bloggers Conference, why yes, yes I did…thanks for asking. I met women like Marilyn Smith, Dana McCauley and @eatlivetravwrite, who stand on their own laurels. They set their own standards rather than abiding by what has been prescribed or expected of them. They wrote their own rules and inspired me to find my path & avoid being diverted at the whim of others. 

So much to digest…get it digest? 

Overall, it was a unexpectedly liberating experience, I met a diverse population, exceptional brands & PR professionals and enjoyed Ontario’s best wine & delicious food. I am looking forward to exploring the notes I took & relationships gained from this experience and sharing it with my readers. Think of this as part 1 of a multi part recipe. 

Special thanks to @chancesmommy, @soberjulie @tastygardener & @OliveNRuby for the kind words, inspiration & friendship over the weekend. 


  1. Wow! Great post! So happy to connect with you IRL! That was one of the highlights of my weekend. I love chatting with you online as myself and as PTPA. It was SO amazing meeting you in person and it felt like we were long lost friends.

    Thanks for the mention in your post!

    P.S. Bite me. 😉 xo

  2. OMG, there are secret hash tags and parties at other conferences? Yikes! That sounds awful! I’d always feel like the girl not invited to the cool kid’s birthday party! Haha! Great post 😉

    • Not all Janice, but some people take great joy out of making others feel less than worthy, i.e.) OMG I was invited and you weren’t…Don’t you know I have 17 000 followers” Realizing this weekend, it is truly about engagement not numbers. Thanks very much for the comment 🙂

  3. Great honest post Sherrie. It was great bonding with you over Michael J.Fox circa 1985 and milkshakes. OMG it was like a date! Look forward to keeping up with your posts and continuing to develop our friendship!

  4. Exactly!
    Cannot wait to see your adventures with your new mixer!!!!
    And I will never again google TASTY GARDEN ….shutter …LOL
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

  5. I am SO glad you liked the inclusiveness of the conference. It was definitely one of our goals. Realising that this whole “blogging thing” is about engagement and relationships and not numbers has been a slow journey for me (I am a little competitive by nature!) but it was one of my big takeaways from the weekend for sure. Thank you for your kind kind words and for supporting FBC2013 🙂

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