Why I Cried at Social Capital Ottawa

For me, social media is an outlet for my creative and funny side. During the school year, it’s all business from report cards, meetings and field trips. I find I have little time for my social media activities. After 10 months of hibernation, I began blogging again the summer and excitedly attended the Social Capital Conference in Ottawa on July 21, 2012.
I had a slight wave of apprehension as I walked alone to the registration desk, but seeing Vicky @pb_vicky as soon as I walked in made that feeling fade. Then seeing CL @clbuchanan snapping pictures, made me feel much more at home. It seemed like every other person I saw was someone I wanted to connect with in real life. 
The Social Capital Conference attracted bloggers, social media mavens, businesses interested in become more active and experts in the field of communications. Listening to Kathy Buckworth and Martin Waxman kick off the conference, with humour and an educational perspective to social media, energized the crowd. As we moved from session to session, it was apparent to me the depth of understanding and expertise being shared was well worth the price of admission. I attended several session that I thought were a good fit for me. Anne @phdinparenting presented a in-depth look at metrics and the importance of knowing your numbers. Kat @bumpandhustle shared her view of the world and detailed her @YummyMummyClub blog which deals with fertility, love and loss. She also touched on the important issue of privacy online.  Finally, I sat in the organizers Karen and Lara’s session on how to build your social media presence/business. The best ‘nugget’ I took from this workshop was make a plan. That is something I have already done and in only 3 days seen the results of knowing where I want to go.  The round tables with experts such as Andrea@missfish and Mel @melgallant rounded out the day of learning for me. Andrea spoke about monetization of your blog and working with brands in a long lasting relationship. Mel explained how to use twitter in a positive way to promote your product/blog/self. 

Finally, to the reason I cried. It was listening to Heather @greenwooddavis speak. Heather and her family took a 365 day adventure around the world, it was an amazing experience. But what I wanted to say to Heather was thank you for your blog. Thank you to Globetrottingmama.com for virtually taking my class (primarily boys) on her trip with her. My class experienced something bigger then the very small town they live in. They commented on many posts made by Heather, Ish and their sons. But for me the most emotional comment was from one of my boys who has no contact with his Dad. He asked how some Dads, like Ish, can make sacrifices for their kids and others just walk away. Such a great question, I wish I had the answer for him. Heather and her family gave my students an invaluable experience they will take with them on their own journeys. That’s why I was emotional, I saw the aha moments in my student’s eyes and knew they had made a connection with Heather and her family. 
Overall it was a well run and organized event. Thank you the speakers, organizers, sponsors and attendees it was a wonderful event, I am looking forward to the Social Capital Conference 2013.


  1. SherrieMae Thank You! What a phenomenal teacher you are to have impacted those kids’ lives so fully. You brought those kids to us and us to them and helped me fulfill one of my dreams for sharing this trip. It meant the world to us.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the day and so glad you were able to attend 🙂

    Also, thrilled that creating a plan has already helped you!!

    • Having a plan like Karen & yourself suggested as made the world of difference…Now I need to sit down with your consulting firm to work on creating my metrics portfolio as companies are starting to contact me …Who knew what a difference a plan can make! I will be in touch!

  3. Sherrie-Mae! So glad you enjoyed the conference (and my roundtable). It was great seeing you in person. It’s one of the reasons I love that Ottawa has a social media conference – I get to see all my fav Ottawa social media peeps in real life, all at the same time.

    Happy summer – let’s not wait so long to meet up in person again. 🙂

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