Why I had to wait to the last minute…

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It’s 10 pm on Halloween night, the candy has been counted sorted and the bits of burnt pumpkin have been scraped off the front porch. I had to wait until now to write my final post for the Old El Paso #YouMexiCan project. I had to wait until the ghosts and goblins were in bed and our annual Halloween party took place.  My fellow Old El Paso embassador foodies created fabulous recipes and creative ways to bring Mexican cooking into their homes. I wanted to do something different with the Old El Paso brand, pairing it with one of our favourite family traditions, celebrating Halloween.

The table was set, ready for our Halloween pre-trick or treating buffet! 

Let me explain. Each year for Halloween I open my home to family friends for a pre-trick or treating buffet style dinner, healthy snacks and treats. The entourage arrives at 4:30ish and we chat, apply make up, make last minute costume adjustments and off we go. The problem is we tend to arrive home from work closer to 5 pm and there is little time to prepare a meal for close to 20 within such a short time frame.

Winning Halloween  Taco Supreme !

I have loved working with Old El Paso this past term. I have expanded my cooking skills, stepped
outside of my comfort zone and fell back in love with Mexican food. So it seemed natural to bring Mexican food to my Halloween Party! That’s right, tonight we enjoyed a Mexican inspired buffet pre-Halloween dinner, complete with “Taco Guts”, homemade guacamole and taco inspired veggie dips. The kids & adults loved the concept and enjoyed the quick feast this evening. Bringing the Mexican flavours to our Halloween party was a great way to show what I have learned while introducing Mexican food to my friends. I am proud to say I have been a very proud #YouMexiCan ambassador and cannot wait to work with Old El Paso again. There really are one millions ways to bring Mexican food into your home, how would you do it?

Right now, on their Facebook Fan page , Old El Paso is giving away a $2.00 off coupon from any dinner kit.

I also wanted to share my favourite video from the Old El Paso Facebook Fan page, a very tasty dinner with using grilled chicken, enjoy! Post by Old El Paso Canada.

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