Why I Howled at Great Wolf Lodge – My Review!

This is NOT a sponsored  blog, I did not receive any products, services or accommodations for this post, this is what my family and I experienced. This is only my opinion;)
This was it, our family vacation was underway! We had made the 6 hr trip from Ottawa and this was our view from the parking lot. I was there with my 3 monkeys, 11 bags of luggage and high expectations for the highlight of our summer vacation. A vacation at Great Wolf Lodge, Niagara Falls.

                                                                We arrived at 1pm (check in time is officially at 4pm) thinking we would check in and spend a couple of hours at the water park before we went to our room. I was very interested to see that there was 2 check in lines…ummmm, I wonder why? One line was for new families, one was for returning families, hey I have been here before, lets hit the short line. Two minutes and there I was checking in, please remember I was there alone with the 3 monkeys so time was very precious. Megan was checking us in, I mentioned that my Mom & Dad were going to join us tomorrow night and could I purchase an additional wrist band. Megan looked at the reservations and noted that we would be able to upgrade to a Majestic Bear Suite. It had a breakfast nook with 6 tables, microwave, coffee maker, mini fridge, 1 king size bed in a   private room, two Queen beds and a pullout. It was 50.00 extra per night, SOLD! And best of all the room was ready to go when we arrived. Yippie, we emptied the car and got ready to explore the water park.

One of the best aspects of the water park is the sheer number of Life Guards on duty. In Baby Beckett’s area Chipmunk Cove, there was no less than 5  guards at one time. The water is no higher than my knees and has several toddler friendly slides that he enjoyed over and over again. But the space was big enough for Katie and Andie to have fun as well and not get bored. This was the area we spent the most time inside the park with Beckett, being 19 months he really was not big enough to go  on the other slides. I felt safe in this area with all three monkeys on my own, it is a great space for the kids to play, slide and splash. After a couple of hours we went back to the room and changed for dinner.  If you have never been to GWL you will be impressed by the excellent food choices for all members of your party. My parents enjoyed the prime rib and grilled veggies, while the kids ate carrot sticks, chicken strips, mac’n cheese, and unlimited ice cream for dessert. I have a fish/shellfish allergy, so I am very aware that at buffets you need to be extra cautious.  After I informed waitress, a man in a hard hat  and safely vest came over to the table with the head chef. He asked what they could make for me as clams were being severed as the main dish, I asked for a chicken/veggie/pasta dish. Done! Soon after I had all three chickens eating their veggies & chicken and the chocolate milk had been delivered my meal arrived. A lovely chicken breast with roasted veggies and a side of pasta, very nice, I must admit I was impressed.

That evening there was a story time, a treasure hunt and snacks before bed. The next morning we had to be down at the pool at 8:50 as the pool staff were going to pick a “Family of the Day”. Returning guest were invited to fill out a ballot when they checked in and drop it off at the pool entrance. If you know me at all, you know I love contest and love to win! And yes my friend, I won! We were treated to a private cabana ( close to the pool), fresh towels, a mini fridge filled with water, fresh fruit kabobs, veggies and dip and cookies.

Papa & the 3 Monkeys Under the Family of the Day Cabana!

We loved it! It was a hot sunny day, so having our own private shady space was amazing. There were cards to play during the down time, in between tattoos, popcorn, ice cream and cotton candy.

We explored the outdoor pool the most on our second day. It happened to be the FIFA championship game afternoon as well, so there were contests and a room with dedicated screens for the game. Beside the cabana was a DJ booth, which played music all afternoon for the kids to dance to.

Baby Beckett enjoying the outdoor pool.

As our day was coming to an end, everyone was getting tired and we needed a break from the pool. We went to the Northern Lights Arcade for a break from the sun, as Grandma and Papa took Baby Beckett back to the room for a nap. The girls and laughed and play for almost two hours. I spend 40.00 in tokens which kept all three of us playing and having fun. We traded the tickets from the games for GWL pink hats and a race car toy for Baby.

We were leaving the next morning and I had enrolled Katie and Andie in the Jr. Lifeguard program at the Cub Club. The girls learned all about what it takes to be a lifeguard, made a sun visor, decorated a beach ball and each got a certificate stating they had completed the program. They were gone from 9 – 11 am, just enough time for Papa to take Beckett for one last swim. Grandma and I cleaned up the room, packed the car, checked out, had a latte and chit chatted on the patio of our room. The Jr. Lifeguard program cost 20.00, seriously the best 20.00 I have spent in along time.

There are 2 things I would like to do next time I go to GWL. First I would like to go to the Aveda spa Scoops with Katie and Andie, and I would like to check out the workout room. I highly recommend before you come, check out all the deals on line you can find. I was able to use Edvantage a site that caters to educators at all levels. I wanted to say thank you to Steve the manager that stopped at our private cabana for a quick chat and congratulated my family and I.

I felt that we were treated extremely well and I cannot wait to go back to Great Wolf Lodge with my family. The accommodations, food and activities are all family centred and based on inclusion. Thank you to the staff, we will see you next year!


  1. I’ve been wanting to check this out for awhile now. Maybe next year. I’m nervous about it being worth the money with two so young ones? (the twins are 14 months)

    Sounds amazing though!

  2. Yes, Beckett was only 19 months, but he was just the right size for Chipmunk Cove, next year will be even better! If you are a teacher you can get amazing deals. But there are lots of specials online you can have access too if you sign up for their newsletter!

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